Saturday, September 03, 2005

We're in Tokyo!

Terence and I made it to Tokyo! Whew, did all that flying stink! I hate it that I can't sleep on planes. Hope all is well in Seattle.

Whew, have we had some cultural experiences! :)

Terence and I arrived to Narita Airport, and deplaned. I realized I needed to go to the bathroom. So we stopped at the first Ladies room and I went inside. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE WHEN I FOUND NO TOILET!! Just a small porcelin pit in the ground! ACK! (and no, I didn't take a picture--maybe when we fly to Hong Kong) After some maneuvering, I managed to do my business. :)

We decided to take the airport shuttle to our hotel. The view from the bus was interesting, but I was tired, and ended up falling asleep. Terence amused himself by taking pictures. He did wake me up when we started to drive inside Tokyo. It's a good thing he did! Here's a Tokyo street that we saw from the bus, and the Shinkansen train that we'll be taking later to get to the Expo.

We checked into our hotel, the New Otani. We're in a tower room--it faces the Imperial Palace. We're on the 22 floor. This is my first experience in a 5-star hotel. Look at the view from our room!

Terence and I then decided to go to Shinjiku and find Tokyu Hands. We were able to make our way to the JR station and find the right direction of the line, and made it to Shinjiku station. Now, that station is pretty big, and we needed to take the right exit. Terence and I begin wandering around to try and find the NEW SOUTH exit. And we wander, and we wander. :) Finally we ask a guard for directions, and when we leave the guard (who's told us to go up stairs) Terence tells me he doesn't know which set of stairs to take. So we wander for a bit more until I find a map of the station, and ask Terence if he trusts me. He says ok (I don't think he has much choice) ;) and I take us directly to the exit. :)

We found Tokyu Hands, (the picture of me with all the neon is right outside of Shinjiku Station) where there was no yarn and checked things out. Then we went to the Kinoyura bookstore (the same chain that's attached to Uwajamya) and looked for my Mom's book. They had Simply Beautiful BEADING, but no books related to Rubber Stamping. :(.

By this time I'm getting pretty tired (I didn't sleep on the plane) so we go to find some food.

We get to a noodle place where they have pretty good noodles! Outside all the restaurants in the place we went they had all these plastic representaions of the food. We ate our dinner and left. We didn't order enough food, so on the way back to the station, Terence stopped at a food place in the Shinjiku Station. (I think my father would like this setup) You buy your ticket of what food you want, go inside the food place and hand the cook the ticket. He makes your food, and you go and sit/stand at the counter and eat it. :)

We made it back to the hotel, where I shower and get ready for bed (It's like Florida hot here!) Terence wants to go and find some water for the room. There's a convenience store in the hotel, so while I'm showering he goes. I request for him to bring back some candy/cake/or ice cream and he brings back small packages green tea bon bons, vanilla ice milk bon bons, and strawberry ice. All very cool and refreshing. We have the green tea bon bons in the room freezer.

By this time we're beat, so we go to sleep.


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