Monday, September 12, 2005

We're In Hong Kong

Whew! Sorry about the long break in between blog posts. We've been busy in the past couple of days, and this is the first real chance to blog.

Where have we been? Well, we've been to Victoria Peak, one of the high peaks overlooking the city of Hong Kong.

We went at night after a dinner with Terence's Grandmother and his uncle (Mrs. Tam's brother) and his family. Dinner was family style, and I did a pretty good job of not embarassing myself with my lack of skills with chopsticks.

It's been pretty smoggy the past couple of days.

Mr. and Mrs. Tam

Terence and myself on top of Victoria Peak.

Terence used his tripod and camera timer to take this picture of the four of us.

Terence and I then decided to take the tram down the peak and meet his parents down at the tram station.

Here we are on the tram. Sorry, no good pictures taken out the window, due to it being night time.

Terence with the tram at the bottom of the peak. The whole trip ended up being about 10 minutes. At some points it was VERY steep.

Today we woke up and decided to go to the Po Lin Monestary. To get there, we decided to take the busses out there. Taking the busses gets us a pretty good tour throughout downtown. I've noticed that when buildings are renovating the outside, they use bamboo scaffolding.

The building across the street from Mr. and Mrs. Tam's apartment building is covered with bamboo scaffolding! And it's about 20 floors tall! Expect a picture with upcoming blog entrys.

Some buildings in down town. The glass one in the center was designed by I.M. Pei.

It took about an hour and a half and a few bus changes to get out to the Po Lin Monestary. This monestary is known for it's huge bronze statue of Buddha.

You have to go up about 350 steps to get to see him.

Terence ran up some of the stairs. (Crazy boy! It's about 85+ degrees with LOTS of humidity!)

The Buddha is pretty impressive. :)

The view from the top is not half bad either. Too bad it was so smoggy.

Insense burners outside the monestary. Beware hot pots. :)

Here's a view of the Buddha from the temple in the Monestary.

So, after all the spirituality at the Po Lin Temple, there was just one place to go afterwards...

Hong Kong Disneyland. :)

We rode a Mickey-decked train out to Disneyland.

Terence and I first headed out to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain and then a Buzz Lightyear ride.

Terence doing his best "To Infinity.... and BEYOND!" impression. :)

And he tried to drive a car that's even smaller then my Mini!

We saw street perfomers in Adventureland.

Banged some drums....

Smiled our best smiles in Fantasyland...

And tried some chocobanana popcorn in Tomorrowland!

We took the Mickey train back to Hong Kong

And ate dinner in a really good restaurant that had amazing vegetables, lemon chicken, and crab!
Here I am enjoying the sauce by eating it out of one of the crab shells with some rice. Yum!

Time for bed now, goodnight!


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