Friday, September 09, 2005

Tools and Shiny Things!

Terence here, I've taken the liberty to post some pictures of cool tools I bought for both work and my personal collection.

Earlier today we went to Akihabara, site of the "Electric Town". It's basically a very big city block with a collection of tools, electronics, gadgets, appliances. Think Fry's in the US, subtract the useless crap like cheap diskmans that break in a year, electric scooters and lousily made R/C cars for kids. Since the stores are packed so close, the prices are either very competitive, or each store specializes in a certain niche or two in order to put itself ahead of its competitors.

Here's a few shots of Akihabara shops:

This shop specializes in switches.
This one in PDAs and pocket dictionaries / ebook readers. The Zaurus is a Sharp Linux based Palm-top; a very much sought after PDA for hackers.

Here's a shop specializing in survalence gear (CCTV cameras, night vision cameras, IR illuminators, motion detectors, radio-frequency scanners (scanning for bugs), etc. Next to it is a tool shop.

Here's a set of soldering aid tools for SMT soldering that I picked up for Mike and Jacob (one set each). It even comes with very decent English instructions. Too bad these are almost impossible to come by in the good ol' US of A.

-=- Terence

(More tools shown below)


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