Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chi Lin Nunnery

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day in Hong Kong. The skies were the clearest we've seen yet! Don't let these pictures fool you though, as my camera lens fogged up the minute I took my camera out of the air conditioned room to the muggy, steamy balcony.

Here's the building across the street from the Tam's apartment building that's covered in the bamboo scaffolding. Mrs. Tam says that the building has been covered like that for the last 6 months!

After a delicious Dim Sum breakfast, we got on the MTR (the Hong Kong Subway system) and headed out to Kowloon to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery. Terence tells me that the Cantonese word "Lin" means lotus.

We ended up walking through a garden to get to the Nunnery. Here's Terence taking pictures of the outside of the nunnery (he's next to the tree!).

The garden itself was picturesque.

Here's Terence with his Mom and Dad.

And a very nice picture of Mr. and Mrs. Tam.

Apparently the Chi Lin Nunnery is a replica of seven hall Tang Dynasty temple. No nails were used in the building of the temple. (And I suppose no animals were hurt in the building of the temple either. ;-) )

Here's a shot of the outside courtyard.

The nunnery has several ponds filled with these water spurting lions:

And purple lotuses.

Terence's close up of one of the Lotuses.

Another view of the courtyard showing the lotus ponds.

Here's a shot of one of the lanterns inside the nunnery. Isn't the decoration at the bottom cool?

The lotus flower motif is echoed in all parts of the temple, even the end of the roof supports.

Terence took several cool shots of the roof, I just had to include one. See the cable at the bottom? It's a lightning rod!

Here's a sample of how the building is constructed without nails. All of the pieces of wood are carved to fit into each other. I asked Terence if it was like a really sophisticated set of Lincoln Logs. He gave me a really nasty look. :)

Here's a replica of the corner of the main temple.

After visiting the nunnery we went for Ramen for lunch, and the Jade Market.

While Mrs. Tam and I were walking around the Jade Market, Terence and his Dad explored the neighborhood around Canton Street.

We decided to call it an early day, and went to go back to Mr. and Mrs. Tam's apartment around 4. We're going to be heading to Macau tomorrow.

BY THE WAY, I've changed the settings so anyone can comment on the blog, so comment away!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog has been more fun - I look forward to every new entry! Well done!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Dustin said...


This is Dustin. I am at my friend Jonnie's house. Hope everything is going well. Know its hot. Here too. Love the pictures. Second time I have been able to check them out. Jonnie was especially impressed with the lotus flowers. Only have seen yellow ones before. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Don't forget my shirts!!!! LOL

Love Dustin.

5:57 PM  

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