Thursday, September 15, 2005

Here are the Tams asleep on the ferry ride home. :) Posted by Picasa

As we were taking the shuttle back to the ferry, we saw a flag ceremony going on. (See the other guys in the background? The ones with BIG guns?) Posted by Picasa

After exploring the pawn shop, we headed to the Macau Grand Prix museum, where Terence and his Dad expored for over an hour! Posted by Picasa

Here's Terence's pawn shop (The two characters on the top are Terence's Chinese name. The pawn shop is a museum.  Posted by Picasa

Terence must have a higher pain tolerance than I do. Here he is in his socks on the sidewalk.  Posted by Picasa

Here I am trying it out. It's PAINFUL! I only manage to do one foot! Posted by Picasa

Mrs. Tam on a stone sidewalk where you're supposed to take off your shoes and walk around for reflexology. Posted by Picasa

Jelly eggs found at the exit of the cable cars. Posted by Picasa

Another Lotus flower. Posted by Picasa

But had a decent view. Posted by Picasa

The cable car was like a SAUNA! Posted by Picasa

We then took the cable car from the hill where the air raid shelter and lighthouse are to the bottom of the hill. Posted by Picasa

And Terence imagined cannoning the city of Macau. :) Posted by Picasa

Where they had hurricane signals, which tell you how much severe weather to expect. Posted by Picasa

Where Terence pretended to shoot off some cannons. :) Posted by Picasa

The next morning we woke up and went to explore the air raid shelters.  Posted by Picasa

Here's the hotel we stayed at.  Posted by Picasa

The facade of the ruins of St. Pauls. Only the front and the crypt remains. The rest was destroyed by fire. Posted by Picasa

More decorations, telling the story of the Festival. Posted by Picasa

After dinner we explored the city some more, and found some decorations for the Mid Autumn Festival, happening Sunday. Posted by Picasa

Another view from the Tower, of the casinos. Posted by Picasa

So to get a thrill, I walked on the glass floor. (And jumped up and down on it in yet another attempt to scare Terence.) :) Posted by Picasa

On the top of the tower, they have a thrill ride, where you are strapped to a cable and they drop you--about 300 m! I wanted to try this, but Terence didn't want me to.  Posted by Picasa

The sunset at Macau as viewed from the Tower. Posted by Picasa

Just kidding. He enjoyed taking pictures from the top of the tower. Posted by Picasa